Heating by Rayburn Multifuel

We don’t have any central heating installed in the cottage here. We have a wood burning stove in the living/dining room and in the kitchen we have our inherited Rayburn. It’s been here since the cottage was rebuilt from near-derelict in the 1970s so we think it’s around forty years old. It’s the Multifuel model running on solid fuel and heats some hot water and three radiators. We use wood to light it and get it up to a temperature at which we can then use anthracite to keep it going.

It doesn’t make for the easiest life though. We haven’t yet managed to get it to ‘stay in’ (stay alight) through the night, unless one of us gets up around 3am to feed it. So, we relight it every morning which isn’t ideal. Going out for any amount of time is fraught with anxiety that it might be dying down by the time we get back. It also generates a huge amount of dust. See the shelf above the oven? What you can’t see is the layer of coal dust all over it which settles every day and requires daily wiping down of every surface.
Before we moved in I had visions of us cooking on it. However, the top oven only reaches a highest temperature of around 120 degrees, so it’s low, slow cooking only. A perfect metaphor for life here at the cottage.

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