Heating fuel or Project: Woodshed

Another post on heating. It’s been a mild (but incredibly wet) winter here but we’ve become somewhat obsessed with keeping the fires going, keeping the house warm. We heat predominately by logs to get the Rayburn going and also to fuel the wood burning stove in our living room. As a result we get through a lot of wood.

This year we’ve had to pay for logs to be delivered but for next year we’re really hoping to be self sufficient in wood. We have around 6 acres here at the cottage with wooded boundaries so we’re hoping to be able to cut and season enough so from next winter we don’t have to buy any.

The wood shed has been a project in itself. Constructed many years ago with old telegraph poles and covered in wriggly tin, it’s a good watertight shelter for all our wood and tools. It had previously been used to store all sorts of farm equipment but was empty when we moved in. We built raised areas with wooden pallets so the logs are off the ground and the air can circulate and then began the long process of gathering all the old wood off the land.

We’ve now spent all our weekends since New Year dragging fallen or already chopped wood into the shed from around the fields. Large branches are chopped or sawn up into logs and stacked, thinner branches are sorted by size and will make faggots of kindling. The gales a few weeks ago also brought down some trees and branches which need sawing up in situ so we can bring them down. As a result our woodshed is now looking increasingly well stocked.



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