Project Garden: update

Several months ago the old vegetable garden in the front of the house looked like this:

We spent the Easter holiday clearing the ground, levelling it all off and constructing four large raised beds from lengths of timber from the local timber merchant. Paths were created using membrane to keep the weeds down followed by many bags of wood chips. In progress, it looked like this:

After being left to nature for many years, the soil was pretty weed-ridden so I planted four rows of potatoes (mixture of earlies, middles and main crops) to try and clear it all. One bed was given over to broad beans and runner beans; another to peas, beets and salad, and the fourth to borlotti beans, onions and courgettes. The bare patches of grass below are where we’ve removed tree stumps to try and even the lawn out.

Now, after a beautifully hot summer it looks like this:

We’ve been harvesting for the past few weeks now and are eating broad beans and runners every night. All raw as we have no kitchen, but delicious made into a mixed green salad.


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