What I’m reading….

…on the internet rather than the book variety. You don’t need to know how my Kindle hides my guilty historical fiction habit on the regular train commute. No, I love how reading blogs can teach you so much, particularly as an enthusiastic but decidedly amateur gardener and house decorator. LIke going for a walk in the winter dusk and peering through windows where curtains haven’t yet been drawn, getting a glimpse into other people’s lives is always fascinating. What other way would I get to see what individuals as diverse as a German gardener, a Brooklyn/upstate New Yorker, and a rural English homesteader are up to with their houses and plots?

So, if you’re not already following these three I would heartily recommend the following.

Photo: Taking Notes

Taking Notes – tales of ‘a 30-something living in a tiny village near Berlin, Germany’ with her incredibly adorable dog Ludwig (Ludwig!) and cats. Her walled garden is a thing of beauty and her interior photographs are stunning, earning her a recent spot on Design Sponge. She also knows all the names of the flowers in her garden, a feat which never ceases to amaze me (I did say I was an amateur gardener). Happily, Ludwig makes regular appearances modelling aspects of the house and garden.

Photo: Door Sixteen

Door Sixteen – Anna writes about renovating her Victorian house in Newburgh, New York state and her midweek life in Brooklyn. Her DIY renovations are impressively professional (this kitchen project!) and what I would call her ‘pared back black and white Scandi style with accents of Morrissey’ house is a gem. If just reading about the house isn’t enough, you can now buy Door Sixteen! Anna’s house is up for sale for a price that would make London dwellers cry. Sadly, her insanely cute dogs aren’t included.

Photo: An English Homestead

An English Homestead – Kev’s chronicles of living as sustainably and self sufficiently as possible. His veg garden puts mine to shame, particularly as he looks after his two little girls whilst doing it. There’s also a greenhouse, new hedging, apple trees, and now some sheep to add to the homestead, seemingly he can turn his hand to most things.

What are you reading?


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