A little blog redesign

Edward Thomas’ poem ‘The Lofty Sky’ as painted onto barn at Tair Ffynnon/Garden in the Clouds, Brecon Beacons

One of the things I’ve spent a few hours doing this holiday (it has rained A LOT) is to do a little update for this blog. I updated the theme a few months ago (to Hemingway) but I just wasn’t really feeling the blocky layout – it felt a bit too masculine, a bit too stark perhaps. So, I switched it to Nucleare, another free WordPress theme, and I’m really happy with the fresh, clean layout.

It was easy to switch themes over but in the process of doing so I realised I had been using categories and tags pretty much interchangeably. Apparently, that’s not quite the thing. It seems categories are ways in which to bunch posts together by theme – and so to use more sparingly – and tags are more specific and therefore can be used more plentifully. So, I spent a fairly boring hour assigning categories to all my posts – here, I couldn’t find a quick or easy way to do that except go through each post and manually add a category. As a result, I hope the blog is more navigable – I’ve edited down the categories from about 15 original and slightly random ones (heating anyone??) to four main ones:

  1. Cottage – here I’ll group all the posts about the house, the renovations, the interiors. Over the coming months I’ll chart the process of the refurbishment we’ve been going through here so there’ll be plenty of befores and afters coming up. And yes, there might be more about heating.
  2. Garden – the garden project continues as well as continued growth of the dreaded ground elder. Hopefully there’ll be more pictures of vegetables flowers than weeds as we continue work outside.
  3. Wales – as I continue to explore this ‘new to me’ area of the Brecon Beacons and south Wales I’ll highlight some of the best local places and sights.
  4. Words and Music – I was a little unsure about this category as it feels like a bit of a catch all but essentially here’s where the free time stuff goes when I’m not working in the cottage or garden.

Finally, I’ve also become possibly one of the last people to get with Instagram so there’s now a button on the right sidebar and the bottom of the blog where you can follow me there.

I hope all this makes Hidden Valley Wales a bit more readable, all feedback appreciated!


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