Holiday to-do list – an update

Mowing paths in the field

Holidaying in Wales in July is always going to be dicey weather-wise. All this green doesn’t happen by accident. And rained it has, not every day, but probably half the time we were here. Still, we had a great two weeks in the cottage and garden, getting on with projects and taking some time to explore more around the area than we usually have opportunity to do during the weekends.

Chimneys and blue skies from the back of the house

But, how did I get on with the to-do list I so optimistically posted at the start of the holiday?

  1. Weed large bed of ground elder doom – spectacular fail on this one. Not only did I not weed it but the weeds are now literally laughing at me every time I walk past.
  2. Try at least two new walks in the area Done! We had a number of fantastic walks including a great 6 miler around Talybont on Usk reservoir, ending up for lunch and a tremendous selection of real ales at the Star Inn. We also did an extremely wet (did I mention the rain?) walk up Table Mountain, just outside Crickhowell, where we were dry for approximately 10 minutes of a 3 hours walk. Ordinarily there would be spectacular views from the top but not that day.
  3. Try out kayaking on the river Wye Done! We hired a two man Canadian kayak from Wye Valley Canoes in Glasbury and did a 5 mile kayak down the Wye to Hay. They then pick you up so you don’t have to do the hard bit and paddle upstream, and transport you and your kayak back to base where we had a lovely lunch at their River Cafe next door. Thanks to Jane and her labrador for the lift! We’re now planning our next, longer outing on the river.
  4. Deadhead flower beds  Done! Admittedly this was a quick and easy one, but a nice meditative pastime to tidy up the flower beds.
  5. Cut back geraniums  as experiment to see whether they reflower Done! Zero signs of regrowth so far.

So, not bad really and the ground elder bed was always going to be a long term project. The Mexican Marigolds I sowed back in spring are now coming on well, after being really slow to germinate I have around 5 decent plants to go in and hopefully zap the ground elder with their noxious smelling roots. That’s the theory anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Now it’s back to work and just being here at weekends, trying to get things done. We have a few nice milestones in the diary coming up though – Green Man in just three weeks time. Anyone else got ways to get through the post-holiday blues?

Pinks and purples

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