A Week in Pictures/Wythnos Mewn Lluniau

So, when I said this might be an occasional series, I should also have added occasionally late….this is last weekend when it’s virtually this weekend already. We spent our time in London in a craft beer haze – two beer festivals in two days.

We started the craft beer trail at The Antelope in Surbiton where they had over 60 ales, including Tiny Rebel from approximately half an hour away from here. They must have known we were coming… We also tried their own brew and some local beer from nano-brewery Park Brewery. Up next was Courtyard in King’s Cross – Green Man transplanted to London with beer and music, and The Wave Pictures as the house band. Slightly more industrial, urban backdrop to when we last saw them with Table Mountain framing the stage at Green Man, but no less great. Lovely selection of beer including the Limestone Cowboy from Cwrw Ial and Lemon Drizzle from the Waen Brewery.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Croeso! A little piece of Wales in London
  2. The Wave Pictures at Courtyard, King’s Cross
  3. Y Buarth/Courtyard – look at the size of that beer tent!
  4. Ale and Cider Festival at The Antelope, Surbiton

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