New Melin Tregwynt catalogue

Whilst others hang out for the latest Toast collection, it’s the new Melin Tregwynt catalogue landing in the post that gets me excited. Beautifully designed Welsh tapestry fabric made into blankets, throws, cushions or available by the metre. There’s a new collection for autumn 2015, ‘Patrwm Patagonia’, inspired by the story of the pioneers from Wales who settled in South America 150 years ago and set up new Welsh-speaking communities which exist to this day.

However, it’s the St David’s Cross design that I really love. This reversible design is an historic pattern, based on eighteenth century Shaker design. You might remember the curtains I was planning, ooh, almost one year to the day ago now? Well, being nothing if not indecisive, I’m still planning. With winter coming however, I’m feeling a bit of pressure to now get these sorted.

So, I have two windows that need covering, both full-length French windows. For the first one in our living room, I’m planning something quite neutral in greys as we have a few big splashes of colour from a footstool and cushions already, so the St David’s Cross in Silver would be ideal in there:

For the second French door though I’m looking for something a bit more colourful. This is in our dining room and has replaced an old solid stable door that was so warped with damp that it didn’t open. We put in a glass door and the light now floods in. It does get a bit cold though in winter when you sit at the table with your back to it, so it needs a curtain to keep the heat in. The rest of the room is pretty neutral, so it can take some colour. I’m thinking of the St David’s Cross in this red colourway:

Just look how good it looks in ‘real life’ i.e. if I had a beautiful old oak settle:

Now all I have to do is get the fabric ordered and made. Stay tuned (don’t hold your breath).

All pictures: Melin Tregwynt


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