Blwyddyn Newydd Dda | Happy New Year


So that was 2015. I started the year employed, I ended it unemployed and considering career changes. The garden saw plenty of activity – clearing, landscaping and seed sowing. We enjoyed just being in the cottage, sitting in front of the fire, cooking, listening to records.

We spent a calm and quiet New Year’s Eve here, but for the first time in over twenty years I didn’t even manage to stay awake until midnight. I woke on the first day of the New Year to a rare few hours of sunshine.

A few shots of the past week – clockwise from top left:

  • Still eating the Christmas cheese – Gorwydd and Perl Las here with charcoal biscuits.
  • New Year, New calendar. This is one I made with artifact uprising for my dad who lives on Anglesey, showing local shots I’ve taken over the past few years. January shows Biwmaris pier looking over to a snowy Snowdonia
  • Despite the rain the weather has been so mild here the grass is still growing and there’s been no real need to feed the sheep ewe rolls yet (despite the fact they gather round us when we go out, ready to be fed).
  • And finally, a Grey Trees from our Christmas hampers…here’s to 2016.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda/Happy New Year.



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