About Me

Hi, I’m Kate. Back in November 2013 we bought a cottage hidden in a small valley where the industrial Wales of the Valleys meets rural Wales of the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons. We’re in the (slow) process of making the cottage and garden our own and exploring our local area. Here I document what we make and find.

You can also find me on Twitter at @hidvalleywales and Instagram under @hiddenvalleywales or follow the links on the right.


If you want to explore check out the different categories I post under, click on the links to the right of this page:


View of the garden as we found it, December 2013

If you want to see what happens when two amateurs who’ve never had a garden before get their hands on a very overgrown, wild garden take a look here. You won’t find gardening advice or Latin names but you will see us finding our way as we try and bring the garden back to what it once was.


Old stable door, with twentieth century cat flap

Our cottage is nestled in a little valley that was once at the forefront of the industrial age. The remnants of old quarries and mines are dotted around the hills that have now been returned to farming and to tourism. The house itself is (probably) nineteenth century, and was originally two workers’ cottages. During the first part of the twentieth century it lay empty and was re-built in the 1970s – since then we’ve been trying to do a light touch renovation.

Words & Music

Records (I’m not responsible for the Bruce Springsteen collection)

Not here for the house and garden stuff? We do some other things that you might like. We listen to a lot of music and some of it makes its way onto here.


Sugar Loaf mountain, Abergavenny

Hmm, a category about Wales. Hopefully you won’t find the usual cliches here, but a place to put the things we do out and about in our local area, whether it’s a village agricultural show or Green Man. I’m a long-time Welsh learner so you’ll also find some things in Welsh here – bear with the camgymeriadau os gwelwch yn dda.

Diolch am darllen/thanks for reading!


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